Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! And, a brief update.

I can't believe it, really, but apparently today is the end of 2009. I also cannot believe how long it has been since I posted anything! Oh dear. You know, this is remarkably like my efforts at keeping a diary. I would start great, vaguely maintain it, and then the last 3-4 months of the year I would completely let the thing gather dust. And of course, along comes a new year & I get all, oh no. Now I have no document to remind me of what the heck I did when I am old & have no memory left. I suppose I can invent my own history then. Won't that be something to look forward to?!

In any case, here is (briefly) what I have been up to over the past few months:

(1) Not only did I make little cute character mittens for all my nieces & nephews, I managed to make several snowman hats, a couple of scarves, and a baby diaper cover with a baseball on the butt seat. I discovered that I am not very clever at colorwork, but perhaps I will learn to do it more neatly this year.

(2) I have acquired a spinning wheel, and finally have some fiber to try to spin (wool roving and llama). I actually figured out how to pedal the damn thing, so maybe I will get the hang of it yet!

(3) The 6 remaining hens are doing very well. Currently, not laying too much due to the cold, dark and dreary weather of late December, but perhaps they will start to get back in the groove soon. I am still getting three eggs a day, so I am sure that they will all start laying again for me eventually.

(4) As most folks do, I try to come up with a new idea to work on during the coming year. So this year, Idecided I am DONE with television. Sort of. I dropped cable and upgraded my internet, and now can watch all three PBS channels and get Netflix. I am rather excited about this, since I can watch all sorts of BBC programming via DVD or on my computer. I also now have a "book budget" every month, to add to my library. Now that is a REAL treat!

(5) I have decided that my loft, which is where my bedroom is, is very underused. Today, I started creating a sewing nook up there. It helped to clear out some of my craft room clutter, and with a table & machine always set-up and ready to go, perhaps now I will tackle more sewing projects instead of thinking about them and never actually doing them. I also have my spinning wheel up there, and plan to get a CD player at some point. That way, I can spin/sew and listen to audiobooks or music. Doesn't that just sound peaceful?

And that, dear friends, brings me to saying: Happy New Year to all! I am off to ring in the new year right--with a book, some music, and perhaps, a nap before midnight. Ta ta!