Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot. Pink. Egg Cartons. Love!

Oh. My. Word.

Can you believe it? Hot pink egg cartons. Who knew? Randall Burkey, that's who. You gotta give it to those Texans. They know their female chicken farmer audience sooooo well.

I am contemplating a serious impulse buy. Only a small order, a handful of cartons at most. (Well, more like 50 of them. That's all. Honest.) I think I need them. They could be my new signature egg cartons, distributed to my very few, lovely & local customers, who would return them to me like the precious jewels that they are, to be refilled with the eggs produced by the hard working girls in the coop. I could make sticky labels to put on them. Oh! I could design a logo. I've always wanted a logo. I'd feel like I have finally arrived, if I had my own logo. You know, like Martha Stewart has a logo. Except I wouldn't commit insider trading and go to prison for a felonious federal crime. Heavens, no. I don't produce nearly enough eggs to do insider trading on the commodies market. (Yet.)

Anyway, back to the logo design. Classic is always good, involving eggs or a nest. Or a picture of one of the girls, doing her "chicken thang". That might be a bit too bland for my logo, though. Something a tad saucy, something with a hint of zip and a dash of naughty in it. Maybe a chicken wearing a diamond tiara, drinking a Cosmo? Now there's a possibility....wait, nobody steal that idea! Alert the trademark police, somebody.

Whoever invented chicken bling like this really knows me. It's freaky, how much I desire them. I never knew how much I needed pink egg cartons, until I saw these bright fuschia cardboard lovelies. Cue angelic choir swelling in the background, while I go dig out my checkbook.

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