Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Little More Liquor...

Finding myself with a few spare tomatoes after prepping for a batch of simple salsa, I did what any enterprising cook would do:  I started a batch of infused vodka.  This batch of tomato-with-half-a-jalapeno will make for excellent Bloody Mary cocktails come the that is something to look forward to!

Making infused vodka (or other liquors) is incredibly easy.  Simply put your desired flavor ingredients into a quart jar, top with vodka, and pop on a lid.  Place into a cool, dark location and give it a shake every now and then.  I typically let it infuse for two months before straining and rebottling.  I also sometimes add a dose of simple syrup at that time, if I want a sweet cocktail base (mostly, that's for fruity drinks best served over ice with an umbrella in the glass...)

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  1. I used all my vodka supply up for my last tincture, Hm. I am thinking a trip to the store for some more, he he!


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