Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sprouting up the Tropics

In yet another gardening adventure, I bring you my attempt to grow that staple of luxury spices, ginger.  After tracking down a good specimen at a local co-op, I started with an organic root with nice bud development.  A sharp knife did the job of whacking it into six fair-sized bits, and then it was an overnight soak in coo water in my beloved Pyrex bowl.  Some good compost--heavily laced with homemade worm castings--and a pop into a tray on top of a seedling mat, and a good three weeks later here we are: a wee green shoot!

As far as experiments go, it's kind of underwhelming at this point.  I mean, one less than a centimeter tall green shoot.  Whoo.  Break out the fireworks.  Shazaam.

However, it is entirely possible that beneath the soil, there's major happenings.  Perhaps, in the next few days, the soil will heave and MORE shoots will work their way up to the light.  Imagine that.  The simple majesty of emerging life...

Of course, this may be the only one and the rest have dissolved to gooey rot.  Time shall tell.  Mean time, I'll be dosing with fresh water and hoping for the best.


  1. We are looking for Swedish Flower eggs to hatch or chicks. Do you still have?

  2. Sadly, no. None of the eggs I purchased hatched. I have Silver Penciled Rocks.


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