Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Night...Finally.

It has been a longish week here in the wilds of Wisconsin.  I feel as though I spent the entire week either driving the truck, making phone calls, running around fussing in the garden, or working on the computer into the wee hours.  I am looking forward to relaxing this evening, with some pizza, a friend to visit with, and a movie to watch.  Between all that and the AC turned on full blast (it has gotten hot again, and today the house finally heated up...ooof), I am one happy woman.  Get me a glass with some ice cubes rattling around in it and call this week D-O-N-E!!!

The rabbits tolerated today's heat pretty well.  They really aren't designed for hot weather, with that permanent dense fur coat they wear 24/7, but with the misting system making a fine spray all day it actually was cooler in the bunny barn than it was outside.  Because of the rainforest-like conditions and the bad effect water has on rabbit kibble, I have to delay their dinner until the heat of the day passes, but when it is so hot they don't want to eat anything, anyway.  All the babies are doing okay; Little Mama's brood of four hopped out of their nest this afternoon, mostly because I think they got too hot to stay in there.  They looked a little surprised to be out and about.  Cute as little sausages, I just can't get enough of their little button eyes and teeny tiny paws and weeny-wooney wittle ears...sorry.  I digress.

Aside from looking exhausted and wan, the chickens are happy as well.  The chicklets in the big shed have mastered the great outdoors, and have a great time wandering around in the shade under the box elders.  The older girls in the little fancy coop spend their day clucking and crooning and digging into the depths of their runs in search of worms and other delicious bugs.  Still two broody hens, but yesterday and today I got four eggs.  Maybe they aren't such freeloaders, after all.

All the new plantings are holding their own.  Nothing has dried up completely, or frizzled away from sunburn, so I think maybe (just maybe) all the transplants are going to live.  I am pretty excited about that--I just parked some lovage in the herb bed, and I can't wait to see if it really will work as wild celery stuff to add to soups and salads.  It smells pretty good, so hopefully it will taste good, too.  I've been watering daily, since we haven't gotten any rain in days and days.  Starting the watering routine always takes a bit of finessing, as I seem to lose my hose wrangling abilities over the long winter months.  Speaking of hoses, the dang water line is still leaking.  My handyman Jack has been by a couple times to mutter incantations over it, but no luck.  He's supposed to be "figuring out what might work for it" and coming back soon to fix it.  For now, I have a little river of a drip that works as a supplemental watering station for the cats on the porch.  See?  There's always a silver lining in any cloud of woe...or leaking pipe.

Tomorrow is Saturday, which will be a Field Trip for Grown-ups Day.  I can hardly wait!  Details (and pictures) will come after the adventure.  Until then, you'll just have to live in a state of suspense.  But trust me, it is going to be a good, good day!

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