Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes I forget that my otherwise contented kitties are distantly related to jungle animals.  I also forget that they are regular experts at wending their svelte furry bodies through gaps that you'd think would be impossible to fit through.

Four of my new chicks were consumed this afternoon.  Four.

Grrrr.  Bad kitties.  Ignore those hunting instincts, will you?

Brooder tub is now reinforced with more wire cloth, a few extra boards, and some strategically sprinkled cayenne pepper.  I have been stalking...I mean, observing, the cats through the bathroom window, and they appear to be baffled by the new arrangements.  I am not certain, however, that the Demon Twins will be repelled for long.

Note the glowing eyes, a sure sign of evil intentions.

I am hoping that the cats will decide to enjoy the radiant heat and ignore the delicious squeaker toys hidden inside the quilt-wrapped brooder.  If they don't, I hope they poke themselves on wire ends and get a snoot-ful of hot pepper flakes.


  1. Replies
    1. I know, it was horrible. No further losses though, so here's hoping the cats really are repelled from further murderous attempts!

  2. the demon twins! Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! So sorry to hear this happened. At least you got 12 chicks and they still outnumber the cats, right....??!!

    1. The chicks outnumber the cats by two, and once they get large enough to peck any cat within five feet, the cats generally leave them alone. Too bad chicklet beaks are so tiny at the start!


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