Friday, March 2, 2012

Channeling the Cosmos

I think I am channeling some wicked good cosmic vibes today.

It all started this morning, when I left the house on time.  (One small step for man, one giant LEAP for mankind.)  I find it is best to celebrate the small things, which then can snowball into greater things.  For example, I left the house on time.  This meant that I apparently just avoided getting involved in a rollover accident on County Highway A heading out of town (no idea who's SUV it was, but it is upside down and off the road, and wasn't there before I left this morning).  So I know that I am at least having a better day than that person is. 

Poor person.

Anyway, I got to my school on time, found a great location to work in (always a bit iffy), saw a super-cute three year old and her mom, and then found out that every other kid on my list was away on an elementary-wide field trip to the movie theatre. 

What is a girl to do?  Oh, I don't about take advantage of some of that comp time that is accruing??  Don't mind if I do.

Heading into Rice Lake, my only planned stop was to Office Max to fetch some copies for a couple classes I am teaching tomorrow.  (More on that later.)  But because I suddenly found myself the proud possessor of Free Time, I stopped in at the store closing sale at the K-Mart, and found this:

An adult tricycle!  I have been pining for one, for years, I tell you!  Years!  It needs a new chain, and has some other wear issues as it was a long time floor model, but it was over $100 off.  I got myself a matching helmet and a cool blue honka-horn, also waaaaaaaaaay on sale.  I love me a honka-horn.  Ahhhoooooooogah! 

I may also be channeling a touch of this:

 Oh, a bike.  I am so excited!  Now I just need a little doggy to steal and cram into the back basket.

Oh, and for it to be spring.  That would be key to bike riding enjoyment.

I hope your Friday is full of delightful surprises.  Now, fly!  Fly, my pretties!  Bwah ha ha ha hah.


  1. I found you on Girlgab...started reading...then saw Cty Hwy A and said to myself "I live near a County Highway A," and kept reading when I saw you said "Rice Lake," and then I knew that you lived near my Cty Rd A! THEN I hollered at my kids to see if they went to the movie theatre on Friday - they didn't, so we're in different schools! Ha.

    So I'm a Sisterhood Member too and I haven't really heard of too many of us in the area. If you want to start a VERY low key chapter, let me know...

    1. Denise! I coordinate a chapter (Hay River Farmgirls). Please send me an email, so we can visit. I'd love to get to know you!


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