Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chocolate bunnies & Colored Eggs

Happy Easter to all and sundry!

Anybody else out there have a jellybean hangover?  I swear those things are laced with methamphetamines instead of just being pure sugar.  Here I am, all hopped up on jelly eggs and there's no chocolate rabbit in sight to bring me down from my sugar high.

Just kidding.  While I did have a huge slice of Coconut Jellybean cake, I have spent a lovely day outdoors in the sunshine and wind, working away on my hoophouse painting project.  Photos will come, but for now, you'll just have to be patient and wait for the Big Reveal.  I know, the suspense may just kill you, but that is a risk we will just have to take.

It was nice to be outside, painting and pondering the beauty of my brush strokes, with the sun shining on my head.  I got to hear/see all the neighbors' egg hunts for the little people, without actually having to participate.  Mostly, the neighborhood was just quiet and calm, with that aura of large amounts of very good food being consumed by people on their best behavior wearing uncomfortable clothes.  I did indulge in my own consumption of very good food, but I was wearing paint-stained jeans and an old ratty tee shirt.  I can't vouch for the goodness of my behavior, but my friend who came over to spend a relaxing day hanging out didn't complain.  She even did the dishes, which was a nice treat (I was making the coffee to go with a side of coconut cake).  While I miss visiting my family, I do enjoy my peaceful holidays very much: no travel, no dressing up, no organizing a schedule of events.  Plus, I got to be grubby and paint all afternoon.  Not a terribly religiously-observant way to pass the day, but I think God would appreciate the peacefulness and overall sense of joy and benevolent goodwill toward all that a day in the sunshine inspires.

Here's hoping that everyone had a nice day, got a little sunshine, and didn't eat too many jellybeans.  Those things are addictive I tell you, crack in a candy shell.  Don't get me started on the Evils of Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs.  Oh, lordy.

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