Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Blooming Color

I know you've all be waiting on pins and needles for the Big Hoophouse Paint-Job Reveal, and here it finally is!

There is nothing quite like a colorful mural to bring an ordinary structure to life, is there?

I love my little hoophouse sooooo much.  Who wouldn't love a polytunnel that can double as a sauna?   I think I love it even more now that it has gone all va-va-va-voom with some snazzy new artwork.  This mural is a collaborative effort, penciled in by my good friend Suzanne who is a wonderful artist.  I did all the paint-by-number fill-in, which was rather fun.  I felt like I was channeling my inner Van Gogh, in a non-clinically depressed kind of way.  I wanted a whole "Alice in Wonderland Which Is Actually Miami" vibe, and I think I may have gotten my wish.  None of these colors actually appear in Nature. They appear in my garden, if no where else on the planet.

One project down, four million to go!


  1. love the colors and esp that poppy, way to go to you and Suzanne!!!

    1. Thanks Khaiti! Maybe we should do one on your new duck house???

    2. Fantastic! I must say, you are on a roll!

      The RED SHIRT

    3. Thank you, Mr. Red! Hee hee.


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