Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Garden Beds

Ha ha.  Get it?

That's a little garden-themed black humor.

With a "hard freeze" expected tonight and Thursday night as well, it doesn't bode well for my early-blooming garden.  Usually, nothing tender is leafed out this early, but this year, with the unseasonably warm weather we had during the month of March, my rosebushes and strawberries are full already with happy new green growth.  One good freeze, and all that green turns black and rotten.  Waaaaah!

This is when my obsession with rescuing quilts from thrift stores and garage sales proves its' worth.  I have stacks and stacks of odd little quilts, with horrible patterns and holes and mysterious stains that I hope is just rust and not the remnants of some horrible crime committed by a knife-wielding maniac.  Usually, the dogs enjoy them in their cozy crates, but when the temperature plummets and ice threatens my lovely garden, the quilts are deployed for a higher purpose.  (Not that cushioning sleeping dogs isn't a worthy purpose, of course.)

As I was out placing my blankies on the beds, a few neighbors driving by had to slow down and gawk.  You'd think they'd never seen anyone putting the garden to bed before.  Honestly, I should sell tickets to all the free shows I provide to the community.  I could title this one, "Roses in Robes of Many Colors":

A star is born, people.  A star!

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