Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Endings

Remember that lovely old dog I found wandering?

She is doing very well.  In fact, she was reunited with her lovely owners who had been wondering where she wandered off to--she's developed dementia and a lack of enthusiasm for food and a sorry tendency to want to go on walkabout the past couple of months.  After an emotional reunion this past weekend, I decided to go visit my new friends this afternoon and see how my formerly "new dog" was doing.

All was well!  The tempting meatballs that I sent Sadie the Wandering Dog home with have been put to good use, and Sadie looked a little less bony than the last time I saw her.  She (the dog) was delighted to see me, and really really really wanted to hop into Lucille Laverne and go cruising again.  I decided that probably wasn't the best option, as her owners were still feeling worried about her disappearing again.

I am very happy that Sadie the silly old dog has been returned to her loving home (there is a serious pack of spoiled dogs living there, I tell you!), and I am happy to have a couple new people friends as well.  It turns out that Sadie's owner runs a candle and jewelry making business, and refused to let me leave without gifting me some bling.  I love this necklace--it's a choker style, with lovely flowers and a dangly bit that were all made by hand, in teensy tiny glass beads.  I cannot imagine the woman-hours it took to make this confection!  I tried to take a picture of me wearing it, but all I could see in the photo was my fat neck.  I swear, the angle of the shot made me look like I had a massive goiter (it was just one of my wobbly chins, but still...) so here it is, hanging in state in the bathroom.  And, it turns out that this lovely woman also is a knitter, so I am kidnapping her for an afternoon with our local knitting group this Sunday.  She's new to the area, and doesn't know anybody, so how better to get to know folks than a group of knitters?  Well, a group of gardeners would be a close second, but either way, it's a good group to get to know.

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