Monday, July 30, 2012

Boogie On Down

Before you think it is all work and no fun around here, trust me when I say we know how to have a good time on this farmlette.  Last Friday night, it was Summer of the 70s live on the backstage!

Rockin' the afro to Le Freak

Duet with a young Luke Skywalker

Crocodile Rock with the most lovely aging hippie chick (and Luke, too)

"We Are Family"--girlfriends make the best "sisters"

Dolly would have been proud of this duet to Jolene

There was even the paparazzi in attendance!
Hooeee, what a good time!  The sangria was flowing, vintage nosh was snarfed up, and everyone seemed to have a hoot and a half.  Break out the costumes and the karaoke machine, and you have yourself one heck of a fine time in the back yard.


  1. Wa-HOO! I was waiting for this (and NOT disappointed!) You all had lots of fun, I can tell.


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