Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taming the Jungle

How do you know it is time to cut back the tomatoes?  Oh, perhaps when they grow a net of viney branches across the door to the hoop house, preventing your entry.  Lucky for me, I was prepared with a pair of sharp shears and twine.  Hacking and whacking, I made a considerable dent in the overgrowth.  It looks much better now, still lush but not quite so formidable.  I even found the first of many tomatoes, small orange cherry tomatoes that are delicious.  There were more Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, as well as the first of the jalepenos.

I always plan to do a better job of pruning, every year, and still I wind up with a jungle of a mess.  If only I followed the advice of the experts as viewed on this video!

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