Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filming in Progress

Just a little note of levity to lighten up your day.

I decided to do a little filming while driving on my morning commute to the office today.  Envision, if you will, a large white truck with much pink decorating the interior, cruising down a country road, window rolled down to allow the frigid morning air and the occasional moth to pour in.  As you, in your oncoming vehicle, come up on this truck moving toward you, you notice: 

Is that an arm sticking out of the window??

You drive closer, and wonder:

Wait.  Is that a camera she's sticking out the window, too?!?

As you pass this insane person filming the passing cornfields and early autumnal shrubbery, you gawp in at the madly grinning, wild hair waving mad woman, and think:

Good lord.  What a nutter.

Ahh, yes.  I like to keep up my reputation as the local lunatic.  It keeps the neighbors entertained.

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