Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Grains

Today was a very full day!  In addition to a series of welcome visitors and finishing up some homework that had been put off for too long, I played around with grain.

First, I broke out my fermenting bucket and started a batch of Windriver Brewing Company's Zombielicious Pumpkin Ale.  I believe I will be changing the name to claim it as my own creation, but it was another of their handy dandy kits that had everything except for the water in it...and in this case, the 4 pound pumpkin as well.  My Rouge Vif d'Etampes wasn't quite ready, so I used the largest of my Potimarron instead.  Technically, it's a squash not a pumpkin, but it sure tastes the same to me so I thought ah, heck, and used it anyway.  The whole brewing of the wort seemed to go faster this time, but that may be because I had three people come say hello and visit during it instead of listening to arduous recorded lectures as I did last time.

After that was done (well, some of the rising time was during it....but that's just technicalities) I made two loaves of  gloriously simple and fragrant Oatmeal Raisin bread that my friend Sonya had mentioned on her lovely blog, Home Cooking with Sonya.  At least I think she did; maybe it was on Facebook instead.  Anyway, she and I have never met in person--we're pen pals--but I just love her!  She's funny, she's living as an ex-pat in the Netherlands, she cooks and bakes with a teeny tiny European oven, she makes her own ICE CREAM.  She goes grocery shopping in Germany and sometimes sends me amazing care packages with things like real, authentic, deep dark bakers chocolate in it.  She even has an awesome bike with a giant basket on it.  Sigh....I'm a little envious, can you tell?

Love ya, girlie!

I am thinking the bread is going to be awesome.  No, I haven't ripped into it yet--I wanted to, but I had class.  Dang education getting in the way of trying new yummy bread!  Of course, I could hop off this blog and go make me some toast, now that class has ended.

What a great idea.  Don't mind if I do!

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