Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work It, Girl.

Anybody out there remember this movie?

Oh, I just love it.  I don't generally buy DVDs, but this is one that I watch over and over and over....

In another life, I hope I come back as a larger than life diva extra-ordinaire who can wear high heels, dazzling dresses, and amazing wigs.  Men will desire me.  Women will want to be me.  Oh yes.  (Never fear, I will use my powers for good, not evil.)

For now, I have a resident diva who recently arrived:

If looks could kill...she's glaring at Max the Wonderdoodle.

 Meet Miss Vida Boheme, formerly resident of a friend's farm and before that, a stray in a field.  She's sassy, and will not take any crap from dog, cat, or resident human.  Annoy her at your own risk, 'cause she's got claws and she is willing to use them.  And no feline ever had a more lovely coat; she is runway ready.

I kinda like her.  Miss Vida: a kitty after my own heart.


  1. Mr. DeMille would have loved her! ooo I LOVE a calico. Tell Vida I said, "Meow, darling."

  2. Ms Vida is loverly-lookin! And I certainly remember the TITLE of that movie, although not the content - was it those '70s? Have forgotten that decade ;-)

    Pls email me, as my PC went toes up. Working on borrowed one, with not enuf addresses. Want to send you our contact info. :-) in case Weber or Lucky has a question!



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