Friday, December 7, 2012

Joyfully Friday

I am so not destined to be a world traveler.  Jump across two time zones and back again in the same number of days, and I wind up tired beyond belief and with a serious case of the type of distraction that goes by the name of SQUIRREL!  Let's just say, it was a really interesting day at work today.  I had a whole lot more in common with my Kindergartners than I was personally comfortable with.

Just call me Queen of the Short-Attention Span.

Anyhoo, I do believe an early bedtime is in store for my future.  I have a final exam scheduled for 9 AM, and I cannot focus on studying so I am throwing in the towel, to heck with cramming, I'll take my chances on the roulette wheel that is the multiple choice question/true-false/general fill-in-the-blank horror show that awaits me in the morning.  The dogs are snoring, the cats are curled up in front of respective heat ducts, and I can't think of a single good reason not to join them.

Did I mention it is snowing outside?  It's got me thinking about the upcoming holi-mania, which makes me think of chocolate, which makes me think of knitting, leading me to ponder "do I have enough crackers in the cupboard?", and then I mentally start an inventory of how much toilet paper is stashed in the bathroom closet, and then I think about needing to do laundry, making me think that I might have forgotten to feed the fish and pay the electric bill, but then I remember that I did remember to bring my coat inside from the backseat of the truck earlier, but I also remember that I forgot to plug in my cell phone last night, which then (oddly enough) makes me think of disgusting jello fish served with white gravy, and that makes me start singing this in my head:


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