Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not Cut Out for Vegas?

So here I sit, waiting to log on to my last class of the semester, and I am in the wild city of Las Vegas.  I'm not on the Strip--in fact, my hotel is a $40 cab ride away from the Strip--and my fully windowed wall looks out at the distant mountains and desert.  It's kind of pretty, not what you'd expect from all the hype surrounding Vegas, and I like it.

It is one of the many reasons I think I am not cut out to become a frequent flyer to this town.  For example, you may not be a Vegasphile if:

(1)  Instead of pondering what show to go score tickets for, you start wondering if there is a yarn shop near your casino because the knitting project you brought on the plane is nearly done, and there's a whole other day of seminars to sit through.
(2)  The waitress sidles up to your slot machine to get your drink order, and you automatically order water.  Sparkling.  With ice.
(3)  Your total gambling budget is $20, because that's one roll of quarters and seriously, who needs to chance more change than that?
(4)  You go in to the buffet, and all you can think is how many thousands of miles ALL that food traveled to wind up under heat lamps and on steam trays.  (I still ate too much, though.  What can I say?  I heart gelato.)
(5)  You look at the artistically lit landscaping surrounding your resort hotel and mentally can calculate how many gallons of water and pounds of chemical fertilizer must be needed to sustain all those palm trees and fancy grasses in the middle of a desert.

Somehow, I don't think I am cut out for the high roller lifestyle.  I do plan on making extensive use of the giant tub (with a view of the mountains) as soon as I am done with class.  Oooh, and I think I'm gonna get room service, too!

Do you think they serve a locally sourced salad?

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