Saturday, August 4, 2012

And The Verdict Is....

If you run in canning circles, you've probably heard of these nifty, Made In the USA, reusable canning lids called Tattler lids.  I've been hearing about them for a couple of years, and read on various blogs about how great they work.  But I was a bit leery.  I mean, reusable?   Really?  Hmmm.  And how do they seal?  With all the work I put into preserving the harvest, the idea of lid failure and massive food spoilage haunts my dreams.  Nightmares, I tell you, sheer nightmares!

Well, faced with a vast array of empty glass jars all needing lids, I decided it was time to give these "amazing" reusable lids a try.  I did a bit of online research, and found the best deal from the manufacturer's website ( on buying multiple boxes of twelve lids with rubber rings.  The directions are pretty simple to follow, and the lids appear to be sturdy plastic which is BPA free.  All you need is the band, which I have oodles of, to hold the lid on tightly.  The directions also recommend tightening the band immediately after removing the jar from the canner; I don't know if this step is essential, but it felt like a good idea to actually follow the directions the first go around.  They also say to let the lids stay undisturbed until the contents have completely cooled, which is always good advice.

I've used them on eight jars so far, and eight of eight lids and rings have worked like a charm.  They look like a little squished sandwich sealing the jar:

Time will tell if the seal will hold, but so far all signs are positive.

My judgement is:  Great idea, and looks like they work as advertised.  I love the idea of recycling not only the jars, but the lids, too!

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  1. Great, let us know how they work I would love to save some money and have less to throw away..Thanks for posting,.


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