Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got Books?

I do!  A lot of books.  Soooooo many books.  At times, it seems a little excessive how many books I have.  Well, maybe not excessive, but I certainly could share a few gems with others.

A while back, I heard a wonderful discussion on Wisconsin Public Radio about something called the Little Free Library.  This is a library, tended by someone who goes by the title of "steward", that lives in the front yard and is accessible to all and sundry 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, who need a good read.  "Take a book, leave a book, share a book" is a wonderful motto, and describes the LFL movement beautifully.  This organization was started as a memorial to someone's mother (a former librarian), and now has little libraries in neighborhoods all over the world.

My little village lacks its own library, which I think is such a sad thing.  While expensive to run, libraries are a vital part of a community--right up there with the post office, the bank, and the corner cafe.  Unfortunately, I don't have the million or so dollars that it takes to endow a library for perpetuity, so I'll start with this:

I found this great cupboard at the ReStore in Cameron, and after a coat of spray paint and a little tidying up, it looks perfect as a little neighborhood-friendly library.  It's heavy on the chicken/gardening/cooking side of things right now, with a few mysteries and general good reads thrown in for good measure.  I envision all sorts of books coming to visit, and then going out to friends in the community.  After that, maybe they will come back, to be borrowed by other people, or other new books will come to stay for a while.  I can hardly wait to find out what happens!  No late fees, no due dates; just come and borrow, and return when you are done...or pass them forward and leave something different for others to find.  I love, love, LOVE this concept!

Eventually, I'll be registered and have a little sign with an official number, and then this little library will be found on an official map that you can find on the LFL website.  For now, my little library will just live by word of mouth.  So many good books, so little time to waste!


  1. Fabulous idea! I have often said when I pass on that I would love to have a library made out of all the books that I have. I have a strong belief that all people should be able to read and own a book. A book can take you on an adventure where you can experience wonderful things that you may not be able to experience in your own life. I wish I lived closer as i would get some gardening books and some cookbooks! LOL Kudos for you starting this my friend!

    1. You'll just have to come visiting me sometime! :-) I'm sure I'll have plenty of books in there, whenever you get down here again.


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