Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's So Hot....

Sounds like a joke, doesn't it?

It's so chickens fried!

It's so hot....the rabbits shaved themselves!

It's so hot...the eggs cooked in the coop!

Ha. Ha.  Hah.

Here comes the end of August obligatory heat wave: It's supposed to be right around 100 degrees tomorrow.  Of course it will be that hot...I have to spend the whole day driving around in Lucille Laverne for back to school fun-ness.  Yippee!  It always seems like when it is (a) back to school time and (b) Minnesota State Fair time, the weather goes from a pleasant summer-into-early-Fall cycle back to Hellish Depths of July Hot Factor 10.  Bleah.

Anyhoo, here I am camped out in the AC of my tiny house putting off going outside to tend the rabbits and water the garden.  The dogs seem so happy--I think they had given up hope of my ever returning home to cool off "their" house by the time I got home this afternoon.  (Oh yes, I live to serve the whims of my doggies, haven't you realized that yet?  The cats can fend for themselves...and usually do.)

In other news, I am one step closer to starting a video podcast here in Chicken Lady Land.  Wahoo!  Or you may be screaming and wailing, afraid of what might be revealed...worlds colliding!  Worlds. Are. Colliding!  I know, sometimes imagining the way things are around here is more fun than actually seeing how things are, but I promise you:  There will be plenty of obligatory wacky and zany mayhem for you to witness.  Yay!!!  Back to the whole "one step closer" thing, I received a teeny handheld DVR camera in the mail today, all wrapped in a foam sandwich and ready for an SD card and some batteries.  I can hardly wait to try it out.  Phoebe the Paparazzi Shy Coon Hound is already just thrilled about the whole prospect.  Sorry, Mr. DeMille, she's not quite ready for that close up.

That's the news from the farmlette for today.   I suppose now I have to peel myself off the sofa and go back out into the butt-cheek-sweat-inducing late afternoon heat.  Watch me go.  Whooo.

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