Monday, November 5, 2012


They're back!  After dusting off the cobwebs and digging around in the debris filling the car hut, I successfully relocated the Pilgrim People.  I love them so.  They are my favorite decoration for Thanksgiving.  I was worried, at first, that perhaps they had swanned off to Plymouth or some such exotic locale, but then I found they were just hiding beneath some Halloween zombies.

Dang zombies, always trying to hide their food source from others.

Somehow, the boys have lost their sharing items, so perhaps the zombies had something to snack on after all.  I'll have to see if I can round them up something for them, so the girls don't get all the glory.

I like to think the bright orange snow fencing coordinates nicely with the pumpkins and faux mums.  I have so many many faux holiday decorating items.  It's started me thinking, I don't use half the crap I have carted around with me for years, so why not get rid of it all?  I'll keep the bits I want, that are sentimental, that I actually use year after year.  The rest of it?  Well, it can go to folks who can use it, right?  If nothing else, Goodwill will likely love getting it in time for the holiday season.

I mean, how many plastic wreaths does one girl need, anyway?  Definitely not eight.

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