Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Season Moves On

Sigh.  Halloween is over for another year.  It was fairly awesome.

Shiny shiny Mothership...

Every Halloween installation should have a self-serve bar, right?

Today saw lots of tinfoil being peeled off, aliens deflated, and pumpkins rounded up for consumption by various animals on the farmlette.  It also saw the resurrection of the Pilgrim People!  I love the Pilgrim People.  Oh, I know, I know:  The whole "the white people did NOT invite the indians to dinner" argument is very valid, but in my little fantasy world, history was different and so I have Pilgrim People standing proudly side-by-side in all their wooden post glory.  (I forgot to take a picture...whoops.)

This evening, after feeding and watering every animal in sight, I decided it was time to bring something else back from the cold.

 Holiday Village is BACK, bay-bee!  Too early?  Hah.  Never, I say, never!!

I want a whale, dammit.

I love the kid going for a doggie drag.

Ice skating in the park, anyone?

Hey wait...who's that?  It's the Big Man Himself!  I like his pony...

I know, some of you are probably feeling a little sick at the thought of holiday cheer already.  I love the season, though, and coming home from a long day of work and seeing my little village light up makes me smile every time.  I don't like all the BUYBUYBUYNOWNOWNOW hype that starts in August, or the incessant, insipid holiday music that is piped everywhere starting November 15th.  Life in Holiday Village is peaceful and quiet, with only occasional visits by Mothra and Godzilla (in disguise as sneaky kitties).

Pardon me while I go help myself to some ice cream.

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