Monday, November 12, 2012

Tick Tock

Since the time change happened last weekend, I have been fairly obsessed with clocks.  I've always liked them, and I've thought from time to time about gathering a little collection of them.  Every time I fool around with my handful of cheap-o clocks and move the time forward or back like a deficient time lord without a TARDIS, I get consumed with clock lust again.  So in my spare time, I've been lurking on Pinterest, the world's favorite time suck of the moment, and pinning all sorts of sweet little clocks that someday (oh yes, someday!) will be mine.

Oh, I love these pink beauties!

A host of hoots! A flock of owls? A gathering?  What DO you call a group of owls, anyway?

Kinda shabby, very lovely, what wonderful colors!

It amazes me that anyone would ever want to have some screeching red-eye glowing creature of the night by their bedside to wake them in the morning, when they could have a delicate thing of beauty like one of these?  I'm pretty sure if I keep looking, I'll find a pinkly sparkling rhinestoned one that just calls to me...gotta go.  Pinterest is waiting!

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