Monday, November 26, 2012

Whoo, What a Ride.

In case you were wondering, I spent much of my Thanksgiving weekend in LuLa, driving.

Well, perhaps it only felt that way.  I did spend ALL day Wednesday and ALL day Sunday in the truck, cruising the interstate for 601.7 miles (roughly) to and from my mom's house near St. Louis.  It was really nice to see everyone, including a couple of nephews and a niece that I haven't seen in a couple years (I think...).  They seemed happy to see me as well, and enjoyed Auntie (say that as "ANT-E") Cris-mas as celebrated on Saturday.  Ha ha...get it?  Anti-Crismas!  Hee hee.  Ahem.  I digress.... They got presents, we all ate too much good food, and hauled everyone to the movies for a late afternoon matinee.  All the kids wanted to ride in the truck, so one went in a car seat, another was sitting on a booster, and two more were sharing a seatbelt.

Safety first, everyone.  Thank god the cops were all busy picking up shoplifters at Walmart and Tar-jay, and didn't notice our seating arrangements.

It is nice to visit, and nice to come back home.  All the animals were happy and well cared for while I was gone, and seemed happy enough to have me back.  At one point last night, I had two dogs and two cats crammed into bed with me, which was sweet but awfully crowded (and didn't last very long).  I had today off as well, which was nice planning on my part, as I was able to sleep in slightly and then do some holiday decorating before trotting off to the hospital for an MRI of my bum ankle.  I even had time to deal with an escaped-and-uncatchable rabbit who was running for his life away from the dogs this morning. 

He made for a delicious dinner, with a side of gingered carrots.  Yum.

I suppose I should go check my calendar and see where I am supposed to be in the morning.  Hopefully, wherever it is will have coffee and cheerful people.  If not, it had better have coffee at least.

Four weeks until Holiday Break.  Yippee!


  1. Ha ha ha! The last part make me laugh. Coffee is a must here too.

  2. Love your adventures! Especially the part with the dogs in bed - been there. :)


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