Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Use for Lint

While this may look like so many fuzzy hairballs in a tube, it's actually something rather helpful.  Over the past several months, I've collected empty toilet paper rolls and clods of dryer lint.  Once I had enough, I stuffed the lint into the tubes, added the melted wax of three candle stubs to each, and tah-dah.

You have yourself some dandy, raging-inferno-inducing, homemade firestarters.

They work really well, and provide a steady hot flame for long enough to start a nice toasty fire.  It's also a nice way to use up lint and TP rolls, somethings that are kinda hard to find a use for, in general.

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  1. We do that too, but I get very little considering I use my clothesline 99% of the time. We did take some camping this summer and they work well. I do like my walnut shell starters better though. Although this year, Hubby's co-worker did not get nuts on his tree, so hence, no walnut shells. Maybe next year.


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