Sunday, October 5, 2014

Traveling the Great River Road

It started off a bit foggy, a little drizzle, and in spots there was even some snow, but it was a great day for a little road trip.  I picked up my friend Gretchen (you can see her feet peeking out underneath the truck) and off we headed, following the Great River Road to Alma, WI and then hiking up over the ridge to find a really lovely valley, home to Great River Organic Milling.

Imagine: a flour mill, producing organic stone ground flours, a mere 83 miles from my home!  Why have I not discovered this until now?

Well, I wasn't looking, but still.  Who knew?!?

Anyway, it was a very happy discovery.  Not only did I get to email back and forth with some very nice people who work there, but I got to go on a road trip and get some lovely flour, too. I was even allowed a brief tour of the mill.
The smaller of two storage rooms, each bag holds 2000 pounds of grain.

This room is where the grinding happens...well, it's above the stones anyway.

The newer warehouse, very large and full of lovely organic grain!
A long drive back and a good lunch at the Creamery in Nelson, WI (home of my favorite Ham & Brie on Baguette sandwich) later, I was left delivering bags of flour and grain to friends who had ordered in our group order, and with two lovely bags of spelt and all-purpose flour to call my own.

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