Thursday, October 9, 2014

There's an App for That

As you may have noticed from reading this blog over time, I have a definite love for all things Mother Earth News.  I'm still enjoying reading the back issues on the DVD I received last Christmas, and I have dreams of attending another MEN Fair in the near future...if only I can convince them to hold one in Minneapolis, that would be awesome.

In any case, I recently discovered that they have a free app, working on both iPad type devices and Android devices, with basic and advanced canning techniques and recipes.  It is, from first swipe, very easy to use, and seems to contain the same basic information contained in the Ball series of canning resources. There's even information on how to can meat, seafood, and other food items that need to be pressure canned.

Since you can't beat free, and sometimes, it's nice to have a resource that can provide quick links to vital canning safety information at the tap of a fingertip, it's not a bad app to have on your smartphone of choice.

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