Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Entertainment

I am an avid YouTuber.  If I sit down to watch television, I most often tune into Netflix for a variety of murder-drama-mysteries or I can be found watching gardening programming on YouTube.  Actually, I'm rather addicted to my YouTube garden channels...

So, in case you've been pining for a new viewing addiction, here's a few of my favorite YouTube channels:

1.  The Horticultural Channel

Home to a handful of shows, this channel is headlined by possibly my favorite gardening show of all, Sean's Allotment Garden.  You can also subscribe to the podcast available on iTunes, and check out the website here. (I love Sean so much I knitted him a hat...check out the end of season 1, where he debuts a rather dashing TARDIS beanie.)

2. River Cottage

My not so secret love of Hugh Fernsley-Whittingsall is fostered by watching the episode doses of the River Cottage channel.  Not only are there some wonderful recipes shared, but you also get to see how the animals are raised and the veggies are grown on this unique farm-to-table phenomenon known as River Cottage.

3.  Lavender and Leeks

Aside from having a penchant for men from the British Isles, I also enjoy a dose of complete girly cuteness, particularly if it includes an purple garden shed.  (Purple SHED. Love.)  And, who doesn't love a host named Katie who pedals to her allotment garden on a tricycle, while wearing red wellies?  This season, she's getting chickens on her plot, which should equal to even more adorableness.

4. Titli's Busy Garden

It's a little wacky, a little wild, and completely original.  I love Titli.  She has a baking channel, and a kitchen channel, but it's her garden channel that I love the most.  Sometimes, when I need a dose of humor, I watch a marathon of Titli's Garden.  It's like having that wonderful crazy friend over to visit, the one who you can't help but laugh with...and if you watch it while drinking some wine, or beer, or sipping a particularly good smokey whiskey, it elevates to Emmy Award winning level viewing.  Titli ROCKS.

There you have it, a partial list of some thoroughly good channels to tune into on YouTube.  It's not all cat videos, or dash cams from Russia.  You can actually learn from some sorta experts who are completely fun to watch.

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