Monday, March 9, 2015

My End of the Bargain

Meet the newest addition to the Farmlette: Alys the rabbit.  Alys (pronounced Alice) is name after one of the quirkier hosts of BBC gardening programming, Alys Fowler.  If you haven't seen the Edible Garden series yet, you should check it out on YouTube and then the cute-whimsy wonderfulness will seduce you as well.  Watching that program makes me want to move to a teeny Victorian house with a postage stamp backyard in the heart of London...

Back to the rabbit.  Alys was acquired as my half of a barter, where Mohair and Cashmere the fiber bunnies moved to live with a happy hand-spinner who adores working with angora rabbit fiber.  While they will enjoy being combed and plucked in sublime conditions over there, Alys will be living the good life here.  Eventually, she'll become Hercules' second wife, but not until she grows a bit bigger.  She's about five-and-a-half months old now, so her childbearing years are not yet upon us.  That's a good thing, as she's slowly settling into her new life living in a big cage by herself (she was previously in with her siblings) and learning to not be scared of me.  She's figured out that I am the source of delicious treats, like dried apples and broccoli ends, and that her water dish is not for swimming in.  All in all, it's a pretty smooth transition.
Isn't she a beauty.  Welcome, Miss Alys!

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