Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pink Peony Plantings

I love peonies, so it is surprising that I don't actually have any peony plants in the garden.  I know.  It is a tad shocking.  Me, not have a plant that I like?  Wild.

This week, I decided to remedy that.  I came across a bag of bare root peony plants, with five fat and healthy roots in it, that simply cried out to come home.  Since the ground is workable now, and it's still cold enough that bare root plants haven't entirely woken up yet, it was the perfect time to remedy my lack of peonies.

The variety I chose is a fairly common one, a lovely pink bloom called Sara Bernhardt.  In fact, it's a pretty common one, a classic peony variety with lovely double blooms and prolific blossoms covering glossy green foliage.  I decided that they would make a nice border at the top of Berry Hill, separating the new raised beds (yet to be built) from the established bush cherries and fledgling blueberry bushes.  After digging a trench, it was a simple matter of spacing the roots about every three feet, covering them back over with soil and a layer of wood chip mulch.  With luck, the roots will establish themselves and emerge as lovely plants once the weather warms up.

Now, I just need to gather some blowsy hydrangeas to scatter around the place and I'll have the bones of a real cottage garden.

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