Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Readying the Cold Frame

Thanks to a good friend clearing out the garage in preparation for a cross-country move, I acquired three lovely, sturdy windows last summer. (Thanks, Joyce!)  I stored them on the porch, but now that the weather is turning toward spring, it was time to march them outside and get the cold frame ready.  They are just laid across my cold frame forms, but they are rather heavy and fit fairly well, so I don't feel the need to add hinges and make them permanent.  It's actually much simpler to have them easily removable--I tend to grow some salad crops in the cold frames in the summer months, and I like to take the glass off before winter's heavy snows appear.

In a handful of  weeks, I should be able to start setting out some cold-loving seeds for early germination in the cold frames, as well as finding room for those plants that need some hardening off before planting out into the garden.  I love prepping the cold frames--it's one of the ways that I know that spring is on the way!

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