Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clearing the Freezer

It's nearly time to buy in some fresh fruit from the local farmers market, but first, I need to make room in the freezer.  Its surprising how much I can tuck away in there...and then completely forget about.  I am ashamed to say I found a giant bag of frozen blueberries...from three years ago.  Ugh.  Don't eat them, people.  Toss! Toss!

But I did have a good supply of fruit from last summer, so I've been working through making a variety of preserves.  So far, I've made Honey Spiced Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Lime Jam, and "normal" Blueberry Jam.  I've also made a batch of Cranberry Ketchup, which smells really delicious.  I think after it settles and mellows for a couple weeks, it will be a fantastic sweet-tart savory sauce perfect for summer barbeque toppings.
I've found a few strawberries tucked away, just enough for a batch of Strawberry Lime Jam and a homemade galette that smells of summertime.  After that, I just need to figure out what to do with the currants and black raspberries I have stashed in there.  And then, all the fruit in my garden can ripen and/or appear at the farmers market, and find a home in my freezer.  This year, I'm thinking I need to get some peaches for sure.  I think, however, I'll give the box of blueberries a miss.  If I do get some, it'll only be a few pounds-worth and I'll not hide them in the back of the freezer again!

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