Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Tomorrow!

Yippee!  The candy and treats have been bought, the extension cords have been rounded up, and I have three giant rolls of aluminum foil, just waiting to bring the Mothership to life. Starting tomorrow morning, the final preparations for the big night will get underway (good thing I took the day off!)  By sundown, the aliens and their ship will be ready for all the kids to come by and trick-or-treat. The anticipation is heady stuff, I tell you.  I may be the only person in the room feeling that way, but I like to think the dogs share my enthusiasm.  They are snoring in a distinctly Halloween-friendly kind of way.  As for the cats, I swear they are auditioning for a scary noises tape--all kinds of wahhrrrrooowwweeeeeehissssssssssss noises, with a bit of thumping and thrashing when gratutitous hair pulling occurs.  Yes, it is definitely the Night Before My Favorite Holiday around here.

Halloween is nearly upon us!  Hide your black cats, find your biggest W-mart sack, and slap on a zombie mask, folks.  It's gonna be a fun day.

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