Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Confession

I cannot grow radishes.

It is sad, but true.  The easiest things to grow, so simple a toddler can do it, and me?  I cannot.  I try every year, and each year, they immediately bolt.

The saddest part is, I really like radishes.

Maybe I've been cursed.  It certainly feels like the gardening gods are mocking me.

This year, I'm not even trying.  I'll spend my time encouraging my tomatoes and squashes to grow, and buy my radishes at the Farmers Market.

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  1. I'm having the same sort of troupbles with eggplants..I love those suckers and can't seem to grow them very well..or peas for that matter! I thought peas were like tomatoes and grew like crazy and no matter what you did they wouldn't die on you. I failed at peas :( Im going to try again next summer since I wont have time for either in our new house.


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