Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hay.  Scarcer than hen's teeth this year.

The hay hut is bare, as the last half bale succumbed to mold.  It's time to restock, but finding small bales of hay under $7 is very challenging.  I've called in a few favors from folks who have the occasional spare bit of hay, but I hate to keep asking from the same sources.  Besides, everyone is short of hay--at least, short of good quality hay.  It's been wet enough to have luxurious growing green fields, but too wet to cut and cure it and make more bales of lovely fresh hay.  All that is left is the last dusty stuff from last year's meager harvest, and even that is priced at a king's ransom.

I love my bunnies, but holey crow, I can't afford $7 bales of dusty hay.  Besides, they don't really enjoy eating dusty hay anyway.  Hopefully, the weather will clear and hay can be cut, and maybe I can talk someone into selling me some fresh small bales of hay.

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