Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going to Seed

I was lucky this spring to find that a couple of red onions and a couple of Scarlet Nantes carrots managed to overwinter themselves in the raised garden beds in the front garden.  They happily resumed growing once the weather warmed up, and are setting flowers.  It is fascinating to see them go though the seed-setting cycle; usually, I only get to see the first year growth habits of these biennial vegetables!

The onions are setting flower stalks which should soon burst open into a round bloom, very attractive to bees and butterflies.

As for the carrots, they are simply amazing!  First, they've set a series of thick leafy stalks looking much like celery.

On top of the largest central stalk, there is a large flower head opening:

It's like a large, greenish version of Queen Anne's lace, isn't it?  I can hardly wait to harvest the seeds for next year's crops!

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