Saturday, June 15, 2013

Food Quality

I've been thinking a lot about my meat rabbits, and what they eat.  Right now, it's a lot of hay and a good quantity of Purina Rabbit Chow pellets.  But as I do eventually harvest a rabbit or two for the freezer, I'd like to get away from the commercial feed if I can...but there's the problem.  There are no organic pellet formulae out there that is affordably obtainable.  I've found some on the internet, but it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy a pallet's worth of bags, and to have shipped here from wherever it is at (Pennsylvania and North Carolina, mostly).

So I've been watching videos and reading little articles online.  The conflicting discussions are just hilarious--some people apparently cook meat to feed to their vegetarian rabbits!--and some are just completely unaffordable.  I'd need a third job just to feed them, seriously now that is just a bit too much.  Certainly I want them to eat well and be healthy, but I am not buying a 50 pound sack of expensive goji berries to mix with various dried grains and herbs.  I liked this video, as the videographer seems reasonable and sensible and gosh, I think I could see this happening on my little Farmlette.  The greens get challenging in the winter, but there's always the delicious hay that I usually have on hand to get them through. 

Now, to track down sacks of organic barley and oats...

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