Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moving Day

Later this afternoon, I'll be moving some things out.
That's right.  The chicken campers are moving outta here!  First, I move their mobile tractor-houses, then, I move these:
Okay, so they aren't small and fuzzy like this anymore.  Now they are giant, and crabby, and biting me when I'm not fast enough handing the feed over.


They seem to have recovered from their virus for the most part--I still lose one every other day or so, but I think the rest will get better on fresh grass and fresh air and sunshine. 

Or not.  I'm thinking this may just be a very pitiful chicken harvest year.  I've lost nearly half of my meat birds due to the virus...sigh.  Well, its not the end of the world, just depressing.  So it is time for the survivors to go out and enjoy the wilds of pasturing in their summer housing.  Hopefully, they'll perk up and not be quite so grumpy come feeding time.

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