Friday, June 14, 2013

Creeping Vines

It may never look quite so lovely as this building, located at Selwyn College in Cambridge, UK, but I have high hopes for my new planting of Virginia Creeper.  With any luck, it will start climbing up the trellised walls in the next few days.  And then, it should creep and creep on, climbing and covering the walls.

It should, perhaps, give the rabbits a little more shade in the late afternoons when the sun streams in from the west, and it may even help keep Max the Wonderdoodle from going into hysterics every time the poor bunnies move an inch.  He can't keep himself from barking, poor thing, but it sure is irritating to everything else in the vicinity.  Woof woof woof.

I am really looking forward to seeing it in the fall, when it should turn a lovely bright red, such as this:
Isn' it pretty?  Oh, I really hope it doesn't do poorly!

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