Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Improving By Degrees

Life here on the Farmlette is pretty quiet these days. 

I've graduated to sitting in the living room, my foot propped up on a layer of foam pads--very much coveted by Miss Vida, who seized her chance this morning and clawed them up but good--with forays into the kitchen.  I know some people would be so happy to have a break from cooking, but I miss it.  I'm not sure how I'll get coordinated enough to really cook my usual meals, as balancing on one crutch is not conductive to moving pots of water or soup or whatever around the room.  But, this morning I made bacon and last night, I sauteed kale to put up in the freezer.  And this morning, I've been prepping berries for the freezer.  So, I am feeling like I am getting my cooking mojo back.

We'll see how well I fare when it comes to making an entire dinner.

It is really strange to not do chores around the place, too.  Yes, they are tedious, but I like visiting with my little creatures and seeing how they are doing.  The new kits are back outside full time, now that the weather has cooled off and they no longer overheat in the middle of the day.  The gardens, as seen from the windows, are growing like gangbusters--weeds, weeds, everywhere!

So, as you can see, I am fast approaching the stage of "not quite healed but rapidly becoming bored".  Hopefully, as my mobility increases, my adventures will resume once again.  Until then, I'll just admire my pretty pink cast.

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  1. You are, as D's Southern grandmother used to say, "tolerable". That is... able to eat, not able to work. :-)



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