Friday, July 19, 2013

Luck with Cukes?

I never have much luck with cucumbers.  Either they grow into monsters that only the chickens enjoy, or they produce tiny hard ones sparsely, or they grow well but are too bitter to eat.  Sigh.  It's right up there with my sad inability to grow radishes.  As I've been laid up and unable to actually be in the garden, I've spent a little time watching videos done by successful cucumber gardeners to hopefully gain a few tips.

I do love P. Allen Smith--but, he's in the south.  You can grow anything in the south.  Not so much up here...any northern gardeners out there with cucumber tips to share?

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  1. rabbit poop applied right after they germinated has worked really well this year. Also, I find they get bitter-er if they don't get enough rain (urrgh, time to go get the hose on them!)


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