Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Movies

In addition to running around doing errands, visiting doctors, and gardening like a madwoman, I'm focusing on the essentials for when I am fairly immobile in about a week.

1.  Buy sharpie markers for cast decoration.
2. Pimp out the crutches.  I'm thinking, yarn bombing.  Or maybe decorative duct tape.
3.  Lay in a supply of yarn & books (done and done).
4.  Hit Trader Joe's for cheap booze and frozen Indian meals (also done.  I have so much wine chilling in the fridge, it is kinda frightening and exciting, all at the same time.)

My last preparation for assuming the position on the sofa, foot on pillow and remote in hand?  Adding some classic summer movies to Ye Olde Netflix Queue.  So far, I've added these:

Item #1:  Heathers.  Because everyone likes a little murder to get through high school.

Item #2: Young Sherlock Holmes.  I love the campy storyline, particularly the scene when poor Watson gets attacked by cakes.
Item #3: 9 to 5.  Because, really, what's unbelievable about sweet Dolly Parton being a hardworking New York kinda gal?
Item #4: Muriel's Wedding.  ABBA!!!
Item #5: Mermaids.  I heart Cher.  Plus, she's got great taste in costumes in this movie.

I'm hoping my little jaunt down movie-memory lane will take the sting out of not being able to weed in the garden.  My tomatoes may grow into a jungle, but I'll rock 80s trivia.

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