Thursday, December 26, 2013

Peace on the Farmlette

It was a snowy Christmas day here on the Farmlette.

Hints of color peeked through the snowflakes...

But the garden was definitely sleeping, dreaming of spring.

Even the hoop house was covered in a layer of white.

Inside the Bunny Barn, all was well--holiday treats abounded!

"What, it's Christmas?  Pass me another apple, then!"

Icicles dripped and grew all day.

The Little Coop seems smaller and smaller, the more the snow falls.

Share, Little Ladies!  It's a big apple, after all.

"Arrook-arooo!  Merry Christmas to you!"

Snow kitties, leaping through the drifts!

"Meowy Christmas...where's my treat?"

Even the Big Ladies forgot their angst over winter to enjoy some treats.

After all, Christmas doesn't last gotta grab a big bite of it while you can!

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