Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Time is Approaching

Ah, remember this from last year?  In a few weeks, my seed starting station will be looking like this once again.  I can hardly wait, all thatt green-ness, happy growing things, the smell of damp dirt, getting a light tan from the lights...that's right, it may be the depths of winter but it is nearly time to start some seeds for the spring garden.  In fact, it is time to start some onions (they take quite a long time to grow) and perhaps some other long-day plants.

I have another week off from work (one of the benefits of working on school year schedules), so I plan to organize my seeds, arrange the time table for planting/seed starting, and figure out what supplies I need for this year's garden.  I definitely need some more peat pellets--I'm going for the 500 count box this time, so that I will have enough for a couple of years (I hope!)--and perhaps some little pots to plant into, as the seedlings grow and need more root space.  I suppose a foray into the car hut is in order, to rummage around in there and see what I have.  I know I have some little plastic pots somewhere, it's just a matter of finding them again.

I'm also going to be continuing the organizing of the Seed Library.  I have several hundred seed packs, all sorted roughly but now needing a finer sort and a bit of tidying up.  And then there's preparing for the Seed Swaps coming up in a couple weeks' time--I need to figure out what I have to trade, and what I am "shopping" for if I get lucky and find a fellow gardener with seeds to swap.

And of course, there's my seed order to figure out.  So many seed catalogs, so many options...and so little space to plant them all in!  But never fear, I have a plan for that dilemma as well.  Sort of.  Maybe.  It's in the works.  It involves some basic construction skills, which are not my strong suit, but I'm thinking I can pull it off.


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