Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exciting Developments

Yes, I know.  I have another project on the brew.

I love films.  Any film, really, but I am particularly fond of documentaries.  There's something about a peek into another life, another world, another experience that just appeals to me.  I watch them often, at least two or three a week, and there are so many out there, just waiting...

So I decided, I can't be the only person who likes them.  And then I happened to discover that there are several out there that are available for public showings at no charge...and then it hit me.  Fall is coming.  Winter is coming.  That time of year where we folks in northern climes crawl under the quilts, open a giant box of Cheez-Its, and vanish from society until the spring thaws arrive.  How about scheduling a film showing, once a month, October through March (skipping December, because, really, who has time during the holidays?  So much eggnog, so little time...), on an evening with discussion, friends, coffee/tea, and something to nosh on?

Oh yes please.

And so, I've been busily sending out emails, making some calls, acquiring any needed permissions, making arrangements for a location, et cetera, et cetera.  That is how the HRTI Fall/Winter Film Series was born.  Five months, five films, all fun.  I can hardly wait!   I have to firm up one remaining film, and then all shall be revealed on the Hay River Transition Initiative website (and other local avenues).

I do so love it when something I envision comes to fruition.

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