Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Life for a Dead Freezer

Here we have my dead upright freezer.  It saw many years of service, both here on the Farmlette and in it's previous home in Rice Lake (where I scored on a Craigslist deal).  I've been pondering its removal during the annual village clean-up, when you can toss everything from old paint to old appliances for free-or-small-fees.  Really, the whole thought of hauling it out and hauling it away was making me tired.

Then, there was a posting on a page I follow, where a gentleman gardener repurposed some old tall kitchen cabinets with wire shelving inserts and a low wattage lightbulb to create a homemade germination cabinet.

And I thought: Huh.  You know, I could really use one of those...

So, new life in the old freezer yet!
I dug out an old shoplight and a 60 watt bulb, hung it off the bottom shelf and parked a freezer thermometer in there to give it a go.  Within three hours, it had reached 72 degrees Fahrenheit and stayed there overnight.  Now that is perfect for seed germination for a whole lot of different plants!

So now, instead of a white elephant crouching malevolently on the porch, I have a perfect, insulated and wire-shelved seed germination unit of perfect proportions.  Once the weeks roll past and it's time to start sowing, I'll be ready to start my seeds in style.


  1. Another use is to store produce over winter. My brother told me a man put one in a barn that stopped working, but he'd stored produce in it (like a root cellar would).

  2. We have an old refrigerator that we replaced with a giant one that won't fit in the designated space. We have been using it as canned goods storage in the original space. We were looking for a way to protect seedlings from our very curious 9 month old kitten. Voila, here is the ideal solution! WooHoo! Thank you very much. :D


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