Friday, February 6, 2015


Another week has come and gone--what joy!  It's been a rather bumpy week, not bad but just sort of grim in a February kind of way.  I think I'm catching a touch of the crud, with a head full of lumpy goo and three hearty asthma attacks on Thursday.  So, this weekend, I think I'll be hanging at home coaxing the damp fire to burn and cooking up some goodies.

I have plans to bake a rather decadent Chocolate Stout Cake, which will follow a big pot of Lima Bean Stew with Olives.  Add a wodge of crusty loaf and you've got the makings of the road to recovery from whatever plagues you.

I'm also hoping that the weather actually cooperates so I can spend a little time on the porch, poking along at a couple of garden projects.  I do need to wash down the indoor shelves of my light stand and maybe I'll even start some onions and leeks from seed.

To be honest, I plan to be very lazy.  I've planned a trip to the grocery store this afternoon after work, and then I'm holing up, germs and all, to eat cake and nap.  Which, all in all, sounds like a great plan for a weekend in early February.

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