Saturday, February 21, 2015

They're Up!

After a short nine days in the Germination Station, the onion and leeks have sprouted and are well on their way.  I am so pleased.
The Giant Musselburgh leeks are doing well--I sowed them much more thinly than I did the onions, but then again, I use far more onions than I do leeks.
The onions are so very very happy.  I don't usually grow hybrid seeds, but I do love Copra onions.  I purchase the seed from Fedco Seeds every couple of years, and I get an excellent germination rate even in the second and third years from the batch.  They make a lovely long storing yellow onion, and grow so sturdy.  I'll give them a haircut in another day or two, which really thickens up their stems and encourages them to make layers of growth.  It also helps to prevent damping off, which can kill off a whole tray of onion seedlings quickly.

There's nothing quite so lovely in the depths of a February winter than having small growing green things in the house, is there?

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