Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Crud

My annual visitation with the winter lung crud has arrived.  Every February, the germs make a quick end-run around my defenses (lots of veg, extra vitamins, and decontamination showers after work) and attach themselves to my poor beleaguered lungs.  All of this leaves me hacking and coughing and spending sleeplessly twitching nights as I deal with large doses of prednisone and albuterol.

It's all good though.  I'll take two hours of sleep if I can breathe more easily, trust me.  Breathing is goooooood.

So while I'm on the mend, there isn't too much happening on the Farmlette.  The Ladies are still on strike--I can't say that I really blame them as we hit another February cold snap--and the Buns are happy in the Bunny Barn, eating some on-sale deliciously local small apples for their dinners.  I've got plans this evening to toss some straw into the Coop, which the ladies will like to play with.

Tomorrow, a giant semi will pull up in front of the house and a huge pallet piled high with mulch will arrive.  Yes, I know.  Mulch in February.  Insanity.  The thing is, Menards is having their Menard Day deals, and one of them was fairly incredible.  Recycled wood mulch (all shredded and lovely) on sale for only $1.99 per bag.  Plus, there's a $1 per bag mail in rebate for a merchandise credit check (because who can't find more stuff to buy at Menards, right?)  So then, each bag only costs 99 cents.  99 cents.  Seriously.  So then, even though I had to pay for delivery, I get a stack of 80 bags of 99 cent per bag mulch to hang out wrapped on a pallet in the side yard until it's time to spread it around in March or April or May...or whenever the spring arrives.

I know some people get deals on bulk mulch, but I find it so much easier to stack, store and move mulch in bagged form.  Besides, I get a free pallet this time around--and I can ALWAYS use an extra pallet.

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